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TripleAqua 3-pipe systems will heat the system supplying warm water ranging between typ. 45 (35); return at max. 25°C

Cooling operation is performed with water at typ. 7°C (to 12°C) returning at a 23°C (depending set point) or even higher, which is sufficient for cooling and dehumidification. As all hydronic thermal energy is fully exchanged, thanks to ultra-efficient heat exchangers in the indoor units, the hot and cold water will be returned at a lukewarm building temperature via the common third pipe. Consequently, only three pipes are required instead of four. Avoiding a second return pipe and the high dT values of up to 20K reduce greatly the water flow, reduced pipe sizing, less installation time and lower operational costs.

The 3-pipe system setup has been granted an European Patent EP2885584 and this patent is validated in dozens of national patents in Europe and beyond.

Indoor units operate on a variable, pressure independent water flow and all capacity communication with the outdoor unit is done by hydronic means. No wirings, no flow settings! Simple


Our energy needed for heating, hot tap water and cooling of buildings, either if they are residential or commercially used, represents by far the largest amount of energy we consume on earth. Over 30%!

More than ever before, we have the obligation to our future generations, to create 100% energy neutral buildings using fully climate neutral technologies and only apply the most advanced heat pump technology, being able to heat, cool and to create hot tap water too, all just in one go, without stopping or reversing the cycle, without old 4-way valves, using simple ambient air as a heat source and the most natural refrigerant we know inside, which is carbon dioxide. Natural, non-toxic, non-flammable, safe. Clean cooling, carbon neutral heating and nice hot tap water all in one system, ready to serve your building as the final, F-gas free heat pump solution.

TripleAqua is probably the most efficient and innovative heat pump system for large residential and commercial buildings now available in the market. It is the latest step in the evolution of heat pump technology. Live field pilot data has shown that more than double the efficiency has been achieved, compared to similar products and technology. TripleAqua brings you the highest heat pump performance, with a natural refrigerant, water and lowest installation costs. No other product offers these benefits. Our future just has no choices left...


TripleAqua 3 pipe systems are very happy placed in commercial buildings, utility, shopping centers, offices, hotels, medical buildings and equivalent, where a heating and cooling demand is occurring, mutually or in sequence. Exchange of thermal load inside the system is a strong merit. In parallel, hot tap water can be reclaimed from the system too.

3 pipe systems are a cost effective alternative to the traditional 4 pipe fan coil systems and the F-gas based direct expansion VRF units, which are facing a phase down of their refrigerant quotes.

Concepts can be combined easily with fan coils, floor heating and floor cooling, chilled beams and air handling units, as they are all hydronic based.

In renovation, the existing 2 pipe installation may be extended with just one extra pipe, bringing you all the benefits too at lowest piping investments.


Probably the largest, assumed disadvantage of air-to-water heat pumps is their need to defrost frequently, with waiting times, as it interrupts the delivery of heating and even worse, ruins your performance heavily. This is how we have solved it:

Here, TripleAqua uses a specific advantage of CO2 refrigerant: the critical point (+31°C). Whilst we -like any other- defrost with hot gas as warm as over 100°C, we hold the air coil above 73 bars, so above this critical point, thus remaining in the gas phase. Hence, no liquid condensate can be formed in the defrost process like in all F-gas and propane heat pumps. Once the air coil is free of ice, it will not have liquid inside so there is no need to interrupt the compressor, no need to wait, and we can directly continue into a next heat pump operation.

Even more special, thanks to the unique, patented circuitry of TripleAqua, omitting the 4-way valves, we can defrost an air coil (part of the machine) whilst other air coils remain in the heating operation: your heat generation isn’t interrupted at all. Amazing, yet reality.