Our energy needed for heating, hot tap water and cooling of buildings, either if they are residential or commercially used, represents by far the largest amount of energy we consume on earth. Over 30%!

More than ever before, we have the obligation to our future generations, to create 100% energy neutral buildings using fully climate neutral technologies and only apply the most advanced heat pump technology, being able to heat, cool and to create hot tap water too, all just in one go, without stopping or reversing the cycle, without old 4-way valves, using simple ambient air as a heat source and the most natural refrigerant we know inside, which is carbon dioxide. Natural, non-toxic, non-flammable, safe.Clean cooling, carbon neutral heating and nice hot tap water all in one system, ready to serve your building as the final, F-gas free heat pump solution.

TripleAqua is probably the most efficient and innovative heat pump system for large residential and commercial buildings now available in the market. It is the latest step in the evolution of heat pump technology. Live field pilot data has shown that more than double the efficiency has been achieved, compared to similar products and technology. TripleAqua brings you the highest heat pump performance, with a natural refrigerant, water and lowest installation costs. No other product offers these benefits. Our future just has no choices left...


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