Indoor units 3 PIPE INDOOR UNITS

TripleAqua 3 pipe units come with unique optimized heat exchangers inside, inspired on mini-pipe technology, which origin is mass automotive. By applying multiple full counter-flow mini-channel, return water temperature leaves the unit near to identical to the local air building temperature. Suggested mixing losses are eliminated due to outstanding thermal flow.

The 3FQ series heat exchangers in grooved pipe are made of 5~7 mm Cu in full counter-flow, both in cooling as well as in heating. Unique. Close to ideal heat transfer is the final result. 

Very clean air is guaranteed by standard class M6 filtration, filtering out even the micron polls and particles as small as just 0,0025 mm. Note that
filters need a replacement every 1~2 years.
No surprise, these fan coils are amongst the most quiet products in the market. More important, the EC fan is self-regulating, and the air volume is guaranteed by internal software and calibration, reassuring that the capacity is achieved, also when conditions aren’t’ perfect.

A small range FQ is available now, the large range FD will become available later. More specifications on request.