Our vision


TripleAqua is a plug-and-play concept. The commercial line-up heat pump uses just three water pipes of remarkably small sizes to all the rooms in need of (mutual) heating and cooling and feeds efficiently storage water tanks as well as providing hot shower water too.

Ultra-silent indoor units, satellite, suspended, vertical and cased versions provide convenient climate control, 25% less hydronic piping, saving 29% installation costs and 10% pump savings. As the concept is hydronic, there is no system size limitation and it can be combined to other hybrid ground loop, central city, storage and any other thermal systems easily, such as underfloor heating, chilled beams ot air handling units.


We are in the transition from fossil energy to solar & wind powered green electricity. Our gas and oil boilers create high carbon emissions and are phased out, often replaced by heat pumps. However, existing buildings have high temperature heating concepts, like radiators and require a high temperature heating solution. CO2, a high pressurerefrigerant, is known for outstanding efficiency at these hightemperature lifts, outperforming all F-gas and even propane.

TripleAqua high temperature generates up to 80°C central heating in a monovalent solution (return <40°C) even at lowest winter temperatures down to -22°C. Compare our SCOP against any other! Unit and projectspecifications are designed to order specific data.

CO2 Refrigerant

CO2 was already used in the early 19th century due to its non-toxic and non-flammable properties but the high pressures were causing real limitations at that time. By 1985, CO2 was widely studied in the field of HPs due to large advantages. Available everywhere in our atmosphere, so easy to obtain at lowest price and of course fully environmental friendly. No ozone ODP depletion potential and the GWP, global warming potential of CO2 equals 1, perfect, unlike the chemical F-gas refrigerants. And there are no PFAS/TFA risks.

It has splendid thermodynamic properties. Ultra-high cooling capacity per unit volume (up to 10 times more than any other HFC, HFO or HC) brings you compact machines. CO2 HPs are now the standard in Japan, to supply hot water ±80/90°C due to its unique properties.

In Europe, CO2 has become the standard as from 2010 in supermarkets and medium size industrial systems. CO2 has no legal limitations in the use, no bans and is likely the most safe refrigerant to humans and to the environment. Logically all the applications of CO2 are now growing fast: To summarize this, CO2 is the final, full future proof solution in the heat pump technology!