High temperature heat pumps

We are in the transition from fossil energy to solar & wind powered green electricity. Our gas and oil boilers create high carbon emissions and are phased out, often replaced by heat pumps. However, existing buildings have high temperature heating concepts, like radiators and require a high temperature heating solution. CO2, a high pressurerefrigerant, is known for outstanding efficiency at these hightemperature lifts, outperforming all F-gas and even propane.

TripleAqua high temperature generates up to 80°C central heating in a monovalent solution (return <40°C) even at lowest winter temperatures down to -22°C. Compare our SCOP against any other! Unit and projectspecifications are designed to order specific data.


TripleAqua high temperature heat pumps fit well to older large central heating systems where boilers are fully replaced or planned as a hybrid addition. Cooling output is limited to the need for defrosting. Generally, systems are between 70 and 500 kW in size, operating on flow temperatures between 45 and 80°C.

The model range is physically identical to the standard TripleAqua series but as every renovation project has different settings and unique requirements, we calculate and customize the thermal properties to your project. Multiple units may operate in cascade to match the MW’s.

Thus, large apartment blocks, housing systems and older renovated buildings can benefit a green, fossil free heating system with amazing efficiency.