Heating, cooling and storage in one

TripleAqua main benefits: use of natural PROPÆNE instead of F-gases; passive waste heat and cold storage; the possibility to heat certain rooms within one building and cool other rooms; up to 50% lower energy consumption; the absence of refrigerant in the building and a simple control panel. The operation principle of the system is explained below.

Clean technology

The compact TripleAqua heat pump is installed outdoors, on or next to the building. The unit is capable of cooling and heating two water supply pipes, individually or all at once. TripleAqua uses clean, natural gas PROPÆNE and a double hermetic design heat pumping system for transferring temperature to the internal circuit. The pipes exiting the heat pump contain heated and cooled water only. No coolants can therefore enter the building.



Synthetic refrigerant gas [H(C)FKs of F-gases] has an extremely high greenhouse effect. F-gases are being phased out under EU regulations. Natural gas is the environmentally safe solution in the long term. Which natural gas, ammonia, CO2 or hydrocarbon, varies per application. PROPÆNE is a natural, strong smelling hydrocarbon, consisting of propane and propylene. TripleAqua meets all safety requirements under the NEN NPR 7600.

Low temperatures = high efficiency

While water flows through the pipes of an ordinary heating system at a temperature of 45 to more than 70°C , TripleAqua can heat each room sufficiently with water temperatures ranging between 28 and 36°C. A low water temperature ranging between 12 and 18°C is sufficient for cooling. Once all energy is fully released, the hot and cold water is always brought back to the building temperature via a third pipe. Consequently, only three pipes are required instead of four. Only the pipes with cooled water have to be insulated to prevent condensation. This provides a substantial saving on piping and insulation material.

Heat and cold buffer

Particularly in the spring and autumn, many rooms located on the sunny side of a building have to be cooled, while everywhere else rooms have to be heated. For the sake of comfort, users will also require different temperatures in the building. TripleAqua can heat and cool simultaneously and feeds the heat released during the cooling process directly to the hot water loop and vice versa. The system is also equipped with internal temperature buffers where surplus heat or cold is temporarily stored for use later on. This means that a building that was cooled down at daytime during a cold night can be sustainably maintained at temperature using waste heat.


Central heat pump outdoors

The heat pump, which is only 1.4 metres high, consists of two Bitzer compressors that work with the natural gas PROPÆNE, GWP value 3. Therefore, no greenhouse effect. The unit also comprises an Emerson control system that can be read out via the internet, VLT Danfoss inverters and four electronic expansion valves. The slow turning EC fan specially developed for TripleAqua has a diameter of over 1 metre and fan blades inspired by birds’ wings for high efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. Small diameter pipes in the heat exchanger ensure that the least possible amount of PROPÆNE is required. The underside of heat exchanger is drip-free, so that in winter defrost moisture or condensation cannot form. As all of these innovations are included as standard, a COP (efficiency) ranging from 4.5 to 10 can be achieved. The COP represents the ratio between the volume of heat released as opposed to the volume of energy consumed (supplied energy/consumed energy).


Indoor units

The heating and cooling inside the premises is provided by horizontally and vertically installed units equipped with self-regulating water control valves, with Danfoss server motor control, which renders hydraulic adjustment unnecessary. Thanks to the slim-line design and silent operation, the units are extremely suitable for hotels, office buildings, medical centres and other high-quality public buildings. There are eight different sizes, horizontal and vertical versions (available from the end of 2016), satellite and cased models, from 1.1 to 5.8 kW, each with stepless capacity control ranging from 0 to 120%. 4 models ranging from 6.3 to 12.5 kW will be available end 2016. The specially designed heat exchanger with Cu-Al mini tube technology in counter flow configuration ensures perfect thermal transfer. This way the water return temperature constantly remains at the building temperature. The unique, dual ball bearing, direct current EC fans are insensitive to varying counter pressures and always give the exact air flow required under all circumstances. An internal micro cassette filter blocks fine dust, 5 µ pollen and other pollutants to guarantee clean, fresh air!

Piping and EC circulation pump

The innovation of the system primarily lies in the economically designed water routes, energy storage and sophisticated heat exchange technology. This enables optimum system performance with relatively minor temperature differences and only three pipes (instead of 2 x 2): hot water supply between 28 and 36º C, cold water supply between 12 and 18º C and a return pipe with water at the average building temperature. Only the pipe with cold water requires insulation. The minor temperature differences in the TripleAqua system have an extremely favourable impact on the heat pump and energy consumption. The eco circulation pump independently regulates the flow steplessly and automatically compensates for system resistance and discharge head. The pump only uses a few dozen Watts and none if there is no demand.

Control panel

Even super intelligent technically designed systems should be easy to operate. This is certainly the case with TripleAqua, also because the system is self-regulating. It is not necessary to consult a manual or complicated menus to set personal temperature and function preferences (circulation, heat, cool, dehumidify, fan speed, eco) per location. The control panel is flat, comes in a neutral colour and fits into any European flush-mounted box. For large rooms, up to six separate controls can be used in conjunction with each other to control an entire group of indoor units. Naturally, the building manager has a complete overview with menus for remotely reading and controlling all conceivable configurations. It is also possible to restrict the configurations per control location; for example, to prevent the heating from staying on at night-time.


The ideal basis for an integrated system

Since TripleAqua is a fully low-temperature and water-based system, any fitter can easily connect and apply other components and technologies.

• Floor heating/cooling
• Chiller beams
• Low temperature heating/convectors
• Cooling/heating in air-conditioning units
• Heat recovery
• Air curtains
• Heat storage in the ground, such as closed and open Heat Cold Storage (HCS)
• Low quality waste heat and cold
• District heating
• Free cooling
• Green energy, such as sun and wind energy

A future-proof solution

Energy reduction and application of high efficiency heat pumps are obviously the way to the future. TripleAqua brings your building to energy label A+++, the highest attainable level in energy efficiency. Opting for TripleAqua is particularly wise, because this system only utilises long-term environmentally friendly and natural refrigerant. The system has no F-gases, which are notorious for the atmospheric damage they cause and the greenhouse effect. According to European legislation, these gases will be phased out in new systems in the coming years. All the more reason to choose a system like the TripleAqua system now, which only uses natural refrigerants..

System control

The external TripleAqua unit autonomously controls all tasks with its own arithmetic processor. The full package of controls (without purchasing additional options) comes as standard, including functions such as speed control, capacity control, energy measurements, sensors, door surveillance, CO2 measurement input, clock, day/night/weekend, emergency heating, communication with GBS, VING card, fresh air, CO2 control and much more. The all-inclusive way with Siemens inside.

Is your organisation or project ready for TripleAqua?

Are you planning to replace or renew an existing system, for example, to meet your sustainability objectives? Are you working on an entirely new utility project? Or are you still in an orientation phase? We will be pleased to provide you with information or design an A+++-compliant energy system for you. Optimal comfort at extremely low costs and very low environmental impact.

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