Huge benefit not only for the climate, but also in your building

For many buildings, heating and cooling the indoor climate is a huge cost factor. For that reason alone, there is much to be gained. The TripleAqua climate system enables you to independently heat and cool different rooms as required, but using up to 50% less energy. This makes it one of the most efficient systems in the world. Aim: to bring your building to energy label A+++ level!


Independent cooling where it is needed

Cooling is not just useful on warm days, but also convenient throughout the rest of the year. For example, for rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight, or have internal sources that generate heat. Think of a server room or conference room where laptops and beamers are used simultaneously. The user can also set the temperatures to accommodate indoor comfort.

Higher quality system, lower water temperature

A heating system is, in fact, a huge energy consumer. TripleAqua utilises a heat pump combined with high efficiency indoor units. Thanks to the system's unprecedented heat transfer, a much lower water temperature suffices, with huge savings as a result.

Using storage and energy exchange effectively

Generating cooling during the day creates waste heat, while generating heat with a heat pump creates waste cold. Other systems drain off surplus energy immediately. What a waste! TripleAqua passively stores the heat and cold and uses them for free heating and cooling. This results in huge energy savings, particularly during the spring and autumn.


Key benefits of TripleAqua

1  Natural refrigerant PROPÆNE, no F-gas, long term sustainable solution (low GWP value 3).
2  Passive storage of waste heat and cold = double energy savings. Zero carbon footprint and reduction of costs.
3  Water-based loop instead of refrigerant pipework. Safe, future proof and no technical limitations.
4  Energy saving thanks to EC technology. Up to 50% more economical than comparable systems.
5  Always independent cooling and heating. Every room benefits from individual and extremely high comfort.
6  Stepless capacity control - 0 to 120%. Always sufficient heating and cooling and even additional reserves.
7  Competitive investment. Low operational and installation costs.
8  Crystal clear user control. Easy to operate both locally and remotely.
9  Easy to install. Standard components. Flexible and competitive.
10  Universal. Can be connected to and combined with all kinds of other HVAC systems.


Clean, utilising water and natural refrigerant

Saving energy is good for the environment, and all the more so when you use green energy. TripleAqua only uses the cleanest technologies and materials available. The natural PROPÆNE in the outdoor heat pump acts as a refrigerant, while ordinary, reliable water flows through the system indoors. Not via two separate hot and cold loops, but via three pipes, one of which serves as the central return pipe. A unique solution, with huge savings in installation time and material costs.

Innovative comfort

Needless to say, TripleAqua uses state-of-the-art technology for controlling the system. As a user, you will be totally unaware of this, because thanks to that technology, the systems runs automatically. What you get is a conveniently arranged control panel. If required, the system can also be controlled via telephone, tablet or remotely, via internet.


Proven technology

As innovative as it is, TripleAqua is primarily a conceptually renewed system, with clever application of proven technologies and materials. All components are readily available on the market, so any fitter can install, apply and expand the TripleAqua climate system. This also makes TripleAqua an economical solution in the short term.

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